St. George Orthodox Syrian Church
    St. George Orthodox Syrian Church

Kadamattathu Kathanar is a legendary luminary. He was not only a high priest but also a famous magician and a conjurer and also blessed with Divine powers. Much folklore describes his feats against evil forces, witchery and incantation with his prayers and Divine powers. He was always the helping hand to the poor and the needy, irrespective of cast and creed.

Kadamatttathu Kathanar
It is believed that Paulose mastered magical powers from Mala Arayas, who were cannibals living in their subterranean abodes. Because of his pleasing manners, intelligence and sharp answers, the leader of Mala Arayas was impressed very much with him and was allowed him to stay with them and he confided him with the strange secrets of magical performances. He stayed many years there and later escaped from there. The Mala Arayas searched for him but in vain. Kathanar was inside the church and the mala arayas came as a storm and tried to destroy the church. The scars are still visible on the walls of the church.

Kathanar performed many wonderful feats and that are depicted in Aythihyamala fourth chapter by Kottarathil Shankunni. Some of the very popular folklore are :
Catching the cannibal Ekshi and nailing her in a palm tree at Panyanarkavu Temple(Mannar).
Fight against the famous chathan seva Puthupallil Thotakkathu Kunjaman Potti.
Anamakkal illam and anamakkal church at Ponnani.
Offered grapes and other edible European sweat fruits to entertain Bishop hailing from Jerusalem.
A grain of rice multiplied into a pot of rice.
Presented a magical arrow to Cochin Raja for use in battle.
Many stories of relieving pains, diseases and distress.
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The outside of well at Poyedam
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The inside of well at Poyedam
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